About Us


How it all started

WWF created a movement that inspired people to care for nature. As environmental problems grew, so did people’s concern. The need arose for a platform where citizens could contribute their time, effort and energy to conservation. The WWF Volunteers’ program was created to address this need and build a community of conscious and empowered citizens.


Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Be the change

WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and create a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. The WWF Volunteers Program was started in January 2016 with the aim of connecting citizens with the environment and enabling them to be part of conservation action. Our vision is for every citizen to be aware, sensitized and capable of creating change through individual and community mobilization. Our volunteers are role models and ambassadors for the environment, acting as positive influencers and changemakers for their communities.

What we do

Inspire. Inform. Empower.

The WWF Volunteers’ program is active in 6 states across India. In these states, we have volunteer opportunities in these forms:

1. Volunteer projects
Projects are varied in terms of duration and participatory requirements. They range from on-field projects like setting up camera traps to one-day event management projects. Any adult from any field can be part of volunteer projects.

2. Echo
Echo is a youth volunteering program, created to support university students in creating and implementing conservation action projects with WWF-India mentorship, and providing them a platform to gain recognition and share best practices.

3. Courses
Courses vary in duration, and are designed to increase the knowledge of citizens about urban biodiversity and conservation threats. These courses create skilled volunteers who act as multipliers of the course learnings. Courses are paid, and open to all.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Get answers to some common questions

A. You can Sign-up on the website, after which you will receive a confirmation email. You are not required to submit any documents or take any other action.

A2. After completing your sign-up, you can proceed to the ‘Projects’ section of the ‘Volunteer opportunities’ tab. Look for projects in your state and register in whichever project catches your interest and matches your skills and schedules.

A3. Once you register, you are required to attend the orientation for the project. This is mostly listed on the project itself, and confirmed over mail a day prior to the orientation. During the orientation, you will be allotted exact responsibilities, timings, durations, and requirements for the completion of the project.

A4. No, WWF-India encourages participation from all citizens above the age of 18.

A5. WWF Volunteers is a portal for volunteering only. For internships in environmental law, you can apply here- https://www.wwfindia.org/about_wwf/enablers/cel/tcapbuilding/iship/
For other internships, apply here- https://www.wwfindia.org/who_we_are/internship_at_wwf_india/

A6. Yes, as long as you can manage the requirements of all the projects.

A7. Your roles and responsibilities differ from project to project- you will be notified this through the project description as well as the orientation.

A8. In certain projects, yes, but in case of projects requiring training/ special orientation, late entries will not be entertained.

A9. The projects for volunteering include surveys, campaigns, awareness sessions, training of stakeholders, camera trapping, leading trails etc.

A10. In most cases, direct interaction with wildlife is not possible and not encouraged. Most projects are undertaken in urban settings, and are themed towards environment and wildlife conservation, without direct contact.

A11. Yes. The orientation includes training, description of responsibilities and communication of schedules and requirements for project completion.

A12. Yes, all volunteers who successfully complete a project according to previously decided requirements receive a volunteer certificate.

A13. The investment of time required in each project is different. Please check for time required in the same field under each project.