Dragonfly Festival 2021 - Wetland Biomonitoring Maharashtra (Pune and Nagpur)

Bio-diversity,Climate Change,Environment Education
Dragonfly Festival 2021 is a unique Citizen Science campaign to highlight the importance and status of dragonflies and damselflies in our country. As part of Dragonfly Festival, few wetland locations from Pune and Nagpur have been identified to monitor the odonata species over the period of 3 months. WWF India is looking for passionate volunteers to conduct regular habitat and species survey. We are looking for a mixed group of volunteers for photo documentation, observation and identification. Volunteers will be required to upload the data on the Indian Biodiversity Portal. Only a few selected volunteers will be shortlisted for each site. The applicants from Pune and Nagpur living closer to the location will be preferred. An e-certificate will be given to the volunteers on the completion of the project.
1. Mula River Aundh Pune and 2. Futala Lake Nagpur
1. Mula River, Aundh, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 2. Futala Lake, Vayusena Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra
First week of October. Virtual Orienation through Zoom
1. On-ground Visits for 3 months 2. Conduct Habitat and species surveys: 2-3 surveys per month 3. Photo documentation 4. Data
2 hrs
0 mins
1. Good Observation skills, 2. Camera/mobile photography, 3. Proficient with Modern Technology
Data Collection sheet, Phone, Camera (if available)
The project will be on-ground with data and photo documentation.

Last Date to Register: 19-Sep-2021